Course Overview

Total Intake - B. E. (Chemical Engineering) 30 Seats

What is Chemical Engineering ?

Chemical Engineering mainly acts as a resource branch for many other engineering branches. The devices and equipment in every branch are manufactured using a chain of chemical processes. Every production and application unit deals with chemical engineering directly or indirectly. The chemical engineers are expected to have deep knowledge of chemical available and the effects of them with other chemicals as well as surroundings. Depending upon geographical applications, chemicals need to be altered in their behavior and composition which needs expertise. Understanding this domain, This Only Chemical Engineering College in Porbandar has arranged a pool of qualified teachers with the adequate technical infrastructure to meet the course objectives.

Chemical Engineering is quite distinct from Chemistry. Although many of the processes chemical engineers deal with involve chemical reactions, the contribution of chemists and chemical engineers is quite different - even though they quite frequently work together. Chemists strive to find new pathways to desired and products and to investigate mechanisms of reactions.

The role of the chmical engineer is to translate this information to design processes that must not only be economically viable but must increasingly demonstrate minimal environmental impact.

Chemical Engineering draws on a wide variety of skills and knowledge. In fact the problem-solving and numeracy skills of chemical engineers are highly sought after by employers and help to explain why chemical engineers top the scales of all the major engineering professions.

Employment Oppurtunities


The department has spacious and well ventilated class rooms and well equipped Environmental, Chemistry and Microbiology Lab, Air Polution Analysis Lab, Waste Water Analysis Lab etc.

Placement Oppurtunities

"Saurashtra Chemicals Limited - Porbandar"